Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Runner Was Born...

Blue Lake Triathlon, July 2011

I’ve always ran. I had never considered myself a “runner.” I was on the track team in high school, ran the 2 mile, but never on the varsity team. It was more of a hobby, or an excuse to run laps around the tennis courts and flirt with my future hubby. I did not run in college, unless you count booking it across campus so I wouldn’t miss yet another statistic class (which I did not pass…maybe if I had been faster…). When teaching in Madison, WI, I participated in the yearly Race for the Cure 5K with my teacher friends. That was more of a social walk/jog than “run.”

Three years after becoming a mother, I was ready to have another baby. After an unexpected miscarriage, and many months of negative pregnancy tests, I needed an outlet for my frustration and unending sadness. My friend, Jill, asked if I wanted to do something crazy and sign up to train for and run a half marathon. Jill, I cannot thank you enough for asking me to do that. The date of the race just happened to be what would have been my due date, April 9th, 2010. That was a very specific SIGN to me. We recruited a few other friends to join us, and met every Sunday morning to run our long runs. The rainy mornings were the best. I felt like I had such purpose. I never got to run that race with my friends. I got pregnant. I was there at the finish line with cookies and hugs for my training pals. Part of me still really wanted to run that race…

And a runner was born.

Race for the Roses with Lynn, April 2011

Since then, I have completed 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks, Half Marathons, Triathlons, and even Hood To Coast. I love the excitement of race day, even more so when I'm with friends! I love that my passion for running and completing races has spread to so many others. I hope to continue sharing my love for running with others, and encouraging and helping friends set and achieve new goals along the way. I have struggled through injury (plagued by IT Band issues...), been disappointed with setbacks, and worked through motivation loss. All the while, encouraging others to throw themselves into this crazy running world!

Girlfriends Half Marathon, October 2011 ~ Team "Girlfriends In Training"

My own personal goals for running have changed this year. While I've been working on just completing so many of the races I've run, I now have a desire to take my training to the next level. No longer am I satisfied with simply finishing. I want PRs. (For the non runner folk: Personal Records.) I am excited to learn more about the mechanics of running, nutrition and how it plays a very large role in training, and cross-training so my body doesn't fail me. I am even willing to start incorporating the dreaded "sprint workouts." To a distance runner, those are the stuff of nightmares. I am really looking forward to meeting up with my Girlfriends on the weekends for our training runs, and catching up on life, motherhood, and then hitting Starbucks for some coffee.

Hood To Coast, August 2011 ~ Team "Blood, Sweat, and Beers!"

In addition to shifting much of my focus onto myself and my own training, a very large part of my running plans this year include teaching. I am beyond excited to be coaching a Girls on the Run team at our elementary school this spring. I will be meeting with a group of 3rd-5th grade girls twice a week for 12 weeks, and teaching them about healthy body image, healthy lifestyle choices, working through peer pressure/bully concerns, and training them to run a 5K with a Running Buddy. I was a Running Buddy last year, and the experience was amazing! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to coach a team of girls this year. You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can't take the teacher out of ME!

Starlight Run, June 2011 ~ Girls on the Run Running Buddy with Sayla

So thank you for joining me on my journey this year and beyond. I am excited to see where this blog will take me.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more. Hoping you will pass along what you learn.

  2. Kaitlyn cannot wait for Girls on the Run!

  3. Can't wait to read more about your life Cyndie. Excited to see where your running takes you. And I so want to get involved in Girls on the Run next year.